Historic loft but not very safe

Extra room in historic building but maybe not safe

Name: Joshua Holmes
Airbnb Listing URL: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12102813
Destination: Princeton, Kentucky, United States
Reservation Date: 06/21/18
Review Date: 4/11/19

The Extra Room gets rave reviews on Airbnb. Indeed, the site has a quaint, cute ambiance to all appearances. The problem though, is that appearances can be deceiving.

This building is old–probably built in the 1850’s 60’s. Indeed, there is a historical plaque indicating and designating the building as historical. Originally, this structure must have served as some business and a loft since there is a downstairs which seems to be mostly unoccupied. 

The stairs to the upper room are very steep and narrow. The building itself is old and in need of repairs. As an example, there is not a great escape plan should the building catch on fire. The escape plan stated that one should “open a window” and “jump out it” screaming for help while bounding along rooftops in hopes that someone hears.

The room itself is neat looking enough and fully furnished. Nancy is exceptionally concerned with the cleanliness of the room as there are hefty cleaning fees involved. So the room is, as expected, clean. 

Being on the court square, though, the building is noisy. There is a fire station to the North wall, which, incidentally, looks like it could fall at any given second. (The wall that is)

As Nancy’s husband is in construction, this is puzzling. Why is the building so out of date and violating safety codes if he is in construction and should be aware of all codes and issues with the structure? 

Over all, it is hard to feel safe in this building because so many liberties are being taken with important matters concerning safety.

I have been told recently that this room is probably going to be taken off of Airbnb anyway, since Nancy’s husband has a desire to “get out of the rental business”. 

When I talked to someone who was going in the downstairs building, I was told that Nancy’s husband had originally said the room was not for rent to “just anybody” and he wanted five hundred a month just to rent the small space as he and his wife had lived upstairs while they were building a house.

I was glad to find a place to make an unbiased review like this site, since Airbnb makes it very difficult to give balanced reviews. 


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