Airbnb site security is so great that you can’t make a reservation

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Name: JD Flood
Reservation Date: 09/12/19
Review Date: 9/10/19

I am a first time user of Airbnb. While signing up I kept being pestered for a “photo for my profile”. All I’m trying to do is get a room for my son and his wife, and no there are no motels available. Reservation made…I thought.
Next morning still getting emails and text (at 2:30am) about photo. Fine, click the link. Nope, they don’t want a “photo” the want government ID (if you need an ID say so). Get that in. Email dings.
Thank you mail for the ID verification and one minute prior an email canceling the reservation, WTH.
Start over, now the one place that’s affordable has increased in price on my computer. But, my wife’s phone shows the original price.
Last irritating thing; nowhere on the site could I find a method of contacting a person to help.


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